"Doris is the consummate consultant/professional - she listens, assesses needs, creates solutions and delivers a final product that has been of consistent high quality." 

Ruth Irving-Carroll, YWCA Mid-Atlantic Region


"Doris is skilled at trouble shooting systems and making changes to bring chaotic environments under control.  She has a broad understanding of all non-profit financial issues and is able to gain the trust of volunteer leadership and the staff." 

Susan Burton, Society for Technical Communication


"Doris is extremely professional and proficient.  She was instrumental in our organization's transition from a cash-based system of accounting to an accrual-based system of accounting.  I highly recommend Doris to any business looking to outsource their accounting duties to a professional.  She is truly a joy to work with. 

Chad Rohrbach, Drug Free PA


"Doris is a seasoned professional who provides outstanding financial expertise and advice.  She is extremely diligent, reliable and works well with board members and staff.  She delivered a high quality work product, presented extremely well to our board and facilitated a productive discussion."

Tamara Smith, YWCA, National Capital Area


"I located Doris through PANO (Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations) and hired her instantly based on her phone interview and willingness to help us with our huge financial crisis.  We were in critical need of a consultant to deliver an immediate financial analysis of our non-profit.  Doris delivered financial reports and a PowerPoint Presentation within a few days to the Board of Trustees.  The Board is now in a better position to understand the direction that they will need to take in order to prevent our non-profit from closing its doors.  Doris also made additional recommendations to our organization to help us improve our accounting systems, generate additional income, as well as cut back on expenses.  We will be forever grateful to her for providing us with the groundwork that we needed to save our organization."

Diane Chudoba, Center for Developmental Disabilities of Pike County


"Doris stepped in to help my association when our accounting manager went out on disability.  She was able to come in and work effectively with existing staff, prepare monthly journal entries and financial statements correctly, and on time.  She is an independent and completely reliable person.  She has great attention to detail, is consistent and trustworthy.  All great attributes for someone working in the finance department.  We had a clean audit largely due to Doris' work!"

Robyn Morriss, Reinsurance Association of America


"Doris is one of the most reliable, thorough, efficient and effective people with whom I have had the pleasure to work with.  As a volunteer Peer Reviewer for The Standards for Excellence certification program (ethics and accountability program for the nonprofit sector), a Trained and Approved Consultant and as a trainer for PANO, Doris has provided excellent skills, knowledge and work - enhanced by her caring commitment to the organizations and individuals with whom she works.  I highly recommend Doris."

Tish Mogan, Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations


"Doris is the comsumate professional.  She understands how to diagnose, realign and manage financial operations, including digging into the details where, of course, the devil always hides.  She can also help guide senior management to understand the critical financial decisions that must be made.  Doris provides the type of confidential, trusted financial and business advice that is rare indeed these days."

Joanne Dunn, Lyons Consulting Group, LLC


"Doris is extremely knowledgeable, conscientious, detailed and cooperative and fit in with our staff.  After our Accounting Manager had to leave due to illness, Doris was able to bring our out dated financial reports up-to-date.  While at PMTA, she researched new accounting software packages and worked closely with our Board, Treasurer and staff to implement a new software program that met our accounting needs.  I would be more than glad to recommend Doris for any job that includes accounting."  James Runk, Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association